Marketing is not an event, but a process…It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process.You improve it, perfect it, change it , even pause it.But you never stop completely, We as PPFirst consultancy we practice and operate in Guerrilla Marketing. We market goods and services for organisations and individuals. You may or may not have an in-house marketing department. As your company grows sometimes, it’s hard to catch up with every aspect of your marketing. Not to mention, the continuous shifting of customer’s preferences and technology advancements can leave you behind.People’s first consultancy is your solution. As people’s first consultancy (PP1) we do market products from different types of categories. We help our customers to reach their target audience by marketing their products through different platforms. We create and implement marketing strategy conducts extensive market research to increase the sales and profits of a company, and build relationships with your target audience.Also, we increase overall exposure by extending reach to potential customers who are likely to be interested in your products.We help you to save time, conserve money, and strengthen your brand.More so, to build relationships, increase brand loyalty, and make more sales. Furthermore, we plan and create advertising campaigns for your clients and placing advertisements in various media.We also provide a full range of advertising, public relations, research, promotion, and related marketing support.