HR outsourcing is the answer and PPFirst is just a phone call away. Human resource outsourcing (HRO) services take the burden of managing HR off a business's shoulders for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time HR director. PPFirst ,s services are  also useful for companies that have an in-house HR department; an HRO can help alleviate the workload placed on a company's overburdened HR department by handling recruiting, hiring, training, payroll and benefits administration.

Over the years, the role of human resource professionals has evolved from record-keepers to an essential component of a business's executive team. Besides coordinating employee activities, HR departments provide conflict resolution and training, help with budget management, and we ensure companies comply with employment laws and regulations.

HR departments are responsible for maintaining the security and privacy of employee data, including compensation and personal matters. That means PPFirst consultancy must also ensure your company's compliance with regulations surrounding healthcare, labour act, collective bargaining among others.

Another critical function of PPFirst is to ensure your company complies with legal hiring practices, especially when hiring noncitizens. Immigration compliance at both the state and government level is a complicated process that your HR staff may not have expertise in. If your company hires immigrants, it is important to find an HR outsourcing service that is well versed in the law and has previous experience with the process. This helps protect your company against unintended violations of immigration law, which can be extremely costly.

Many companies forgo hiring an HR staff during the early years of the business. However, this is risky. When you do not have a human resources manager, your company is vulnerable to a host of potential legal issues. For example, employees do not have a neutral party to discuss issues with, nor is there a specialist to ensure that your hiring paperwork is appropriately completed. You can't afford not to invest in human resources. As PPFirst we also help you meet all your company's human resources needs, even if you're on a limited budget.

 HR outsourcing services typically follow one of two pricing models:

  • A fixed monthly per-employee fee, or;
  • A percentage of each employee's monthly pre-tax salary

A full-service HRO is a good option if you own a small company and cannot yet afford to hire HR personnel. It provides the resources that an in-house HR staff can offer without the expense that comes with hiring a team. A full-service HRO is also advantageous if you have workers in different parts of the country like Harare and Bulawayo or world. PPFirstis knowledgeable about global, as well as government and state laws, and will work with your company to ensure it is in compliance.

When companies skimp on HR, they put the business and their employees at risk. A full-service from PPFirst helps you appropriately manage day-to-day HR tasks like reporting misconduct and ensuring workplace safety compliance. These services also work closely with your payroll team to handle compensation. In addition to day-to-day tasks, you can enrol in services like recruiting and employee training.

Staffing & Recruiting

Maximize your company’s Return on Employee with improved recruitment strategies. We can identify key performance indicators and assess your current and future labour needs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is our specialty.

Employee Relations & Performance Reviews

Mitigating risk when it comes to employee relations concerns is crucial. We will implement processes that increase employee satisfaction and productivity, while minimizing your liability. Custom designed KPI, and structured reviews are available as well.

Management & Supervisory Coaching

We customize a variety of supervisor training programs for both new and experienced managers and supervisors to help provide them with the education and resources to be successful. As a result, they will be more effective in their roles in meeting the company’s overall objectives for performance and profitability.

Disciplinary Action & Termination

We will guide you through a risk assessment, help you develop a plan of action (including talking points) and even sit with you while you deliver the news. Learn how to handle the toughest conversations, reduce anxiety and improve outcomes.

Compensation & Market Analysis Services

Competitive compensation practices are essential to employee recruitment and retention efforts. Our Compensation and Market Analysis Study will provide your business with the tools it needs to implement competitive and fair pay practices.

Policy Development & Implementation

Whether you are in need of a full employee handbook or simply looking for a basic review of existing policies and procedures, we can help. Communicating your company values and expectations in a clear, consistent, legally-compliant manner is our forte!

HR Audits

There are many different types of HR audits. Audits can be broad, incorporating how a business operates and reviewing efficiencies, or they can identify potential problems and lead to timely corrective measures. Whatever the need, we’ll streamline the process for you.

Workplace Investigations

Getting to the bottom of a workplace complaint, especially a very serious one, can be tricky business. Emotions run high and the consequences of botching the process or failing to uncover the truth are nothing to mess with. Leave it to us to help you sort it all out.